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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Xrays with June in August

Back from my radiology appointment and a quick meeting with Darren at Mod D.

Darren is the Coastie who helped me out setting the appointments. He gave me a quick primer on setting up appointments and using the call center number to get things done. He was very helpful and explained how the ropes work around there very well.

June was my radiology tech who took pics of my chest, shoulder, and low back. She was very nice, respectful and kind. Even though I had two separate appointments one for the regular xrays and one for the chest xray, she got them all done at the same time and saved me a bunch of time. (and her no doubt) June was also very efficient, getting all the different postures done quickly so I wasn't in too much pain while twisted up on that hard xray table. They must fashion those things after a Medieval Torture Rack or something similarly uncomfortable.

It was such a nice day, I decided to walk to my car instead of taking the tram. Once I get back to the house, I will get the appointments squared away, still need to talk to them about the sleep study.

Be well and take care,


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  1. Don't you love when things go more efficiently than you dared to hope??!! Ahh, a sleep study...would that involve hours of sleeping uninterrupted by little peeps?!