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Friday, August 27, 2010

I Want to Grow Up one Day and be a Sleep Doctor

Met my sleep doctor today, she spent almost an hour with me going over different symptoms and signs of sleep apnea. From all indicators, it looks like I will be a candidate for a sleep study, having a mild to severe case of sleep apnea. I told her that I had been working on my weight for about 6 months and managed to lose 25 lbs, but my sleep hasn't improved dramatically. I always like to let them know that I am trying to improve my health instead of expecting them to do it all. She said that it was normal and weight was only one factor, then she schooled me on the other causes and the problems that sleep apnea causes.

Before she finished her exam, the doctor looked down my throat and noticed that I have two grapefruit sized tonsils. Since they have always been a problem, and they are no doubt making my sleep worse, I agreed to have a consult to have them removed. Now that Uncle Sam wants to take them, I say good riddance. So my next VA Appointment is going to be with Ear Nose and Throat for an evaluation for a tonsillectomy. When she said I could have all the ice cream that I want, I didnt have the heart to tell her that I am lactose unhappy (not intolerant, cuz I can still eat milk but not without unhappiness). Again, nothing but the best service and support from the clerk to the nurse to the doctor. The Bay Pines VA Hospital is doing pretty fantastic by me. Looking forward to another chance to visit and share.

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